Parklets pop up downtown

Be prepared to sit a little happier this summer as the parklet that graced downtown last summer will once again be a part of the downtown landscape.


Movie review: Veronica Mars

This film adaption of the once-popular mystery TV show gives diehard fans the quench they needed after years of waiting.

(Web Exclusive) To casual viewers, it’s a fun film and a great introduction to the characters. For Marshmallows, it’s a reason to rejoice.

Eat This: Ahi Tuna Tapa

Sophia's adds savory tuna tapa to the menu

Sophia's is known for its artful dishes, and has added a new piece to the savory collection.

Boone Olive Oil Co. is the slickest new spot downtown

Ninth St. is becoming extra-virgin territory

Owner Murad Mohammad is bringing a specialty olive oil shop to downtown CoMo.

Movie review: Sabotage

Despite a powerful cast and cop-movie experience of director David Ayer, Sabotage’s confusing plot and cookie-cutter cliché characters ruins any chance the film may have had at decency.

(Web Exclusive) The worst part of the film is the character development. The rough-and-rogue agents have nothing to offer beneath an avalanche of macho-man clichés and f-bombs.

Movie review: Noah

A film that show it pays to be a vegetarian

(Web Exclusive) The film keeps you guessing, which is some measure of accomplishment for one of the most known stories ever.

Spring fashion to your satisfaction

Ditch your winter wardrobe for this season's trends

You can box up your winter woolies: local fashion enthusiasts show you how to do spring fashion.

Movie Review: Muppets Most Wanted

A failed attempt to recapture the classic Muppets

(Web Exclusive) Not only is the plot lacking in depth, cleverness and humor, but the jokes are simply bad. The film couldn’t even hold the attention of the children sitting next to me.

Movie review: Gloria

A delightful portrait of middle-aged life

(Web Exclusive) Gloria shows that getting older doesn’t mean losing your sense of adventure.

Movie review: Divergent

Another dystopian teen romance

(Web Exclusive) Although it didn’t leave me weak at the knees, Divergent was downright entertaining, so much so that much of the audience robustly applauded the movie when it ended.

Being funny's no joke

You've gotta work at improv if you wanna make 'em laugh

The talented members of the MU Improv troupe are naturally funny, but still have to practice to make a joke out of everything.

Movie review: Non-Stop

(Web Exclusive) Non-Stop viewers will be switching their guesses of who the true villain is up until the last five minutes. Wait to see this on DVD so you can discuss with friends who you think is holding the plane hostage without angering movie theatre-goers with your whispers.

Movie review: The Wind Rises

(Web Exclusive) Inspired by famous Italian aeronautical designer Caproni, young Jiro determines to explore the sky as an aircraft engineer. The plot lines in Miyazaki's animated film, however, are too fragmental to support a strong, focused storyline.

Movie review: Stranger by the Lake

In a gorgeous location filled with sun, scenery and crystal clear waters, can a murder sour the mood? Apparently not.

(Web Exclusive) Franck (Pierre Delandonchamps) is out of work and spending the summer by the lake— a gay cruising spot where men of all ages lay naked on the shore, take dips in the lake and even sneak away into the bushes for some not-so-private intimacy. When Franck bears witness to a swift, moonlit murder, he finds himself in the middle of the investigation, which leads to him as the number one suspect.

Movie review: Need for Speed

High-speed Americana with a dash of revenge

(Web Exclusive) This isn’t award-winning material, but it does make for one hell of a fun Friday night.

Eat This: Corned beef and cabbage

McNally’s customers might not remember every St. Patrick’s Day spent at the bar, but they keep coming back. Why’s that? Well blarney, it’s the corned beef and cabbage!

Movie review: Mr. Peabody and Sherman

A modern take on a '50s TV show

(Web Exclusive) Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a great add-on to this weekend’s family night out. It's all quite sappy, but for an animated story of a genius talking dog whose son is human, it’s pretty cute.

Movie review: Son of God

(Web Exclusive) The most memorable thing about Son of God is its utter lack of memorability. It’s the skim milk of biblical biopics — a tuned-down Passion of the Christ with a family-friendlier vibe.

Movie review: 300 Rise Of An Empire

300: Rise of An Empire, the second installment of the 300 series

(Web Exclusive) Despite the film’s unique style of combat and testosterone-fueled bro-mance comradery, it falls through horrid acting and an unoriginal plot line.

Movie review: The Past

The relationships in Marie's life come full circle after a divorce from her husband Ahmad.

(Web Exclusive) In efforts to move on from the past are we really just attempting to fill voids and ending up right back where we were? I’m not sure even after 2+ hours of subtitles.

Movie review: The Broken Circle Breakdown

Heartbreak, sex and pickup trucks: A country-western tale in Belgian

(Web Exclusive) Country music is all about soaring highs and crushing lows, and so is The Broken Circle Breakdown .